What Is First Copy Shoes: 10 Signs To Identify Duplicate Shoes

What Is First Copy Shoes: 10 Signs To Identify Copy Shoes

Bro, Is this the first copy of Adidas shoes? My friend asked me this at the college fresher party.

I was completely pissed off with his question because it was the gifted shoes from my big brother Rakesh from his first salary.

But then I realized it was not his fault actually this is a very costly pair of shoes which I can’t afford on my own.

After knowing everything my friend said sorry to me but this question remains stuck in my mind.

What are the first copy shoes and where people generally get the first copy shoes from?

After researching a lot I was finally able to get all my answers. Everything is noted down in this blog post.

Let’s check it out below.

What Is First Copy Shoes? Meaning

What is first copy shoes-10 simple ways

The first copy shoes are the duplicate copy of the original shoes. They are made by copying the design of an existing original branded shoes. So, they look identical in appearance to the original shoe but are different in terms of quality, durability, and price.

There is something called an original product and an original copy product. 

There are many big brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, and many other versatile shoe brands. The problem with these brands is the prices. They may steal your bank’s cash. 

And there come the first original copy shoes of such big brands. There are manufacturers who make similar first copy shoes to the original one and due to which the prices of such shoes decrease significantly from Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 500. 

Moreover, the quality of the first copy shoes may not be equivalent to the product quality of the original branded shoes. There is a reason why branded products are costly and that is because of the quality. 

Important note: The production and selling of such first copy shoes without permission from the brands is an illegal activity and can be punished. 

Difference Between Original And The First Copy Shoes

If you ever decide to get yourself a first copy branded shoe you need to know the difference between the original shoe and first copy shoes before investing any penny. 

The first and the considerable difference is spotted in the quality of the shoe of an original product and a fake manufacturer’s first copy shoe. 

The shoe quality of a fake first copy shoe manufacturer is very low and dull and has no guarantee or warranty of the shoe. 

The next difference lies in the pricing. 

Till now you know that the product quality of the first copy shoes is very low, this means it will definitely affect the pricing. The low-quality first copy shoes are of significantly low prices. 

The prices may drop significantly from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1000. 

Although, there are few manufacturers that you may encounter, who make the exact replica/copy of the original shoe. And you won’t be able to see any difference between the two even the quality and the materials used may be exactly the same. 

Another difference lies in the making and manufacturing of shoes. The original shoes are well made and arched but fake shoes are made just like any random shoe with low quality. 

How may I distinguish between an original and a duplicate first copy if I see no difference? 

There is only one way to judge if you see an exact replica branded shoes and that is the Lower pricing and no warranty or guarantee registrations on the shoes. 

What Is 7a Quality In Terms Of Shoes? 

Until now you have understood that the first quality shoes are made compromising the quality of the shoes. But still, there are many manufacturers who make the first copy shoes without even compromising the quality. 

So, such quality first copy shoes are termed as 7a quality in terms of shoes. 

Difference Between First Copy And 7a Quality

Many people get confused between the first copy shoe and 7a quality shoes. Yes, they might be right. But the thing goes like A 7a quality shoe may be the first copy but a first copy shoe may not always be 7a quality. 

I am not going to confuse you here. So in simple terms. 

The first copy shoes are the exact copy of the original shoe and are made very precisely with minimum difference. But the 7a quality shoes are the initial level of the first copy and are very affordable. 

For fashion purposes and flaunting in college, these fewer budget shoes are pretty fine. 

10 Easy Signs To Identify First Copy Shoes

Sometimes judging the difference between a first copy shoe and an original shoe may be difficult if you don’t know about these criteria. Discover these 10 tricks and spot the original shoe or a duplicate shoe like a BOSS

1. Ensure the Shoe is from an Authorised Seller

First off, there are many sellers and manufacturers of first copy shoes. But you need to find someone authoritative, maybe your friend or family member suggests someone they know about authorized sellers. 

There are many sellers who have first copy shoes but they sell at a higher prices and low quality because people may lack judgment. 

2. Check for the User Ratings and Reviews

What Is First Copy Shoes: 10 Signs To Identify Copy Shoes

Amazon or Flipkart is the best place to research and purchase from before doing anything. There are many people out there who have already purchased the shoe you want to purchase. 

Look at their review and rating and what they are saying about the shoe and the seller. A good review and rating of a shoe will help you get your desired shoe. 

3. Examine the Fabric/Material of the Shoe

What Is First Copy Shoes: 10 Signs To Identify Copy Shoes

Fabrics and materials used in the manufacturer of branded shoes say a lot about the product. If the shoes’ fabrics and materials used seem suspicious and of very low and cheap quality. The product is definitely the first copy shoe. 

A big shoe brand like Nike, Adidas, puma would never compromise with the quality of the shoe and tries to give the best premium quality shoe to its customer. 

4. Examine the Shoe Stitching

What Is First Copy Shoes: 10 Signs To Identify Copy Shoes

The stitching of a shoe also says a lot about the product quality. The stitches of a quality branded shoe need to be consistently following the pattern and not to be in frays.

If you ever see a non-consisting stitch pattern then the shoe is the first copy of the original branded shoe. 

A big shoe brand like Nike and puma will never do something which could decrease trust in the brands. So do check out the consistency of the stitching of the shoes. 

5. Examine Company Branding

What Is First Copy Shoes: 10 Signs To Identify Copy Shoes

A successful shoe brand like Nike, Adidas, puma, reebok, and other brands are too good at branding their products. Check the whole shoe inside-out for branding. 

Almost every brand uses its logos all around the shoes like on the fabric or the mesh upper material, and the inner sole of the shoe also in the outsole of the shoes. 

If you don’t see anyone of these locations, it’s a red light for you and is a first copy shoe. 

6. Examine the Price tag of the Shoe 

Price tag of the first copy shoes

I bet nobody buys a shoe without even looking at the price tag once, except Mukesh Ambani. 

If you go to any authorized shoe brand official store you will find price tags with higher rates because the shoes are original. But the first copy shoes are not original, so you will find the prices of such shoes pretty lesser. 

Just check the other criteria as well because many first copy shoes are of high quality just like branded shoes. Again, Red light. 

7. Check the Availability of Return Policy

This is one of the most important factors that you must look for i.e to check the return policy. Most consumer purchases but the expectations don’t meet the reality so they want to return. 

It can happen to you as well, that you made the payment but unfortunately you didn’t like the shoe. So you want them to take back, Right? Big shoe brands always have a return policy. 

If you find someone who is not taking any guarantee after you made a purchase, that is a first copy shoe. Again, Red light. 

8. Check for the Warranty Period

Similar to the guarantee of a shoe, you must also look for the warranty. In any case, your shoe got torn or damaged by some means. Are they going to replace the shoe if under the warranty period? 

All the big shoe brands do have a replacement policy as they put customers first and then money. But the first copy shoe manufacturer doesn’t care about all of these. 

If you see no warranty on a shoe. Again, Red light. 

9. Examine the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) Code

SKU code of the first copy shoes

Do check the Stock Keeping Unit bar-codes of the branded shoes as those codes are internally linked to the brand’s systems. 

And make sure any stamps are not imprinted as the price tag over the shoes because brands use barcodes not the stamps for their pricing. 

If you see a manually stuck price sticker tag or stamps, those shoes are definitely first copy shoes. 

Learn more about SKU code here

10. Check Packaging of the Shoe

Packaging of the first copy shoes

The packaging of branded shoes is high-quality. They use dust-proof bags, tissues, and shopping carry bags that are usually of high quality. 

You will never see a random, ugly, dusty box packaging without a layer of sheets covering the product from damaging. 

If any branded shoe supplier does that, it is a red alert for you. They might be selling first copy shoes. 

Where to Buy Branded First Copy Shoes Online?

As the first copy shoe looks identical to the original branded one, doesn’t break your bank account, and also durable enough for a bit of time, the demand for the first copy shoes is increasing day by day.

And here, to cater to the growing demand for the first copy shoes, there are several online stores available that are trying to reduce your effort of getting your perfect first copy shoes by providing a hassle-free, safe, and easy buying process. 

So, if you are also among those who can’t afford to get an original shoe and interested in buying first copy shoes for yourself, then here we are listing down some of the popular online sites from where you can buy your favorite one.

  • sastajoota.com
  • indiashopi.com
  • boldwish.com

FAQ For First Copy And Original Shoes

1. How do you know if a brand shoe is original?

Every branded shoe is labeled with an SKU number or the barcode inside of the shoe tongue or on the inner sole of the shoe.

So, make sure that for the branded shoe which you are looking for there is an SKU number available and identical to the SKU number printed on the shoebox.

If there is any difference in the SKU number or barcode that means the shoe is probably a first copy shoe.

2. Are the first copy shoes durable?

It is not necessary for the first copy shoe, even if it is identical to the original branded shoe, but it is also similar in terms of durability.

Because, neither a high-quality material is used to create a first copy shoe nor all the parameters that are taken into account in making an original shoe.

So, if you are interested just in buying a shoe that is stylish then it is advisable that you are safe to go with a first copy shoe, but if the quality and durability are as important as the style, then go with the original branded shoe.

3. How do you get first copy shoes?

Nowadays, the first copy shoes are very hype in demand for their affordable price with identical look, and it is also very easy to find a good one for yourself as there are several online sites available that are offering a wide range of first copy shoes at a good price.

You just need to make sure that the site is genuine, the site is safe for making payments and transactions, and they are good at providing for shoes that they claim. 

If some of these parameters you found green then you are safe to buy your favorite one from that site and ready to showcase your style in front of people.

4. Which is the best first copy online store in India?

Due to the availability of several online stores in India, it is a bit confusing to say that this particular online site is the best place to buy the first copy products. 

But still, there are some online sites that are good for the variety of their products and trusted for making payments due to the availability of various safe payment methods. And the one such online site is next2brand.com.

5. Is selling first copy legal in India?

Nothing can replace the original… you can copy it by look but the comfort level of the original is always great. 

Although in our country, those who can’t afford the original price go with the first copy because they don’t want to miss the trend in looks-wise.

However, selling first copy products is illegal in India and if it is found then it can be panelized by compensation, so make sure to check all the safety criteria before making any transaction.


Here we conclude our article which may have given you an idea of what is first copy shoes and the difference between the original and the first copy shoes.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful and valuable. If so, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and loved ones on social media.

And, if you have any suggestions or queries about this article, then feel free to write them in the below comment section.

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