Yanks tie in the ALDS; "work cut out for us."

The Yankees never expected to advance to the American League Division Series. They have too much respect for The Guardian and the general level of

competition that director Aaron Boone describes as "the best in the country" to express thoughts along those lines. They really wanted their way to be easier.

Giancarlo Stanton's early home run suggested the Yankees could build his advantage for a healthy series, but the Bombers' at-bat fell silent. Instead, several weak-hitting bloops in the 10th inning

as the Yankees lost 4-2 to the Guardians in Game 2 at Yankee Stadium on Friday, tying his ALDS in the best-of-five with one win each.

"It's been a long season of ups and downs on the way to a division title," said Aaron Judge, a four-hit, ALDS clean (0-8, seven strikeouts, one walk).

"This is nothing new to us. We have people in this room who go out and finish this job." "I didn't expect this to be easy," Boone said.

"We're on the plane [to Cleveland] and trying to get ready for tomorrow. Nothing will change for us. Nothing was easy this year, especially the second half of the season."