Victims' families are outraged after the Parkland shooter was sentenced to life in prison.

A jury on Thursday recommended life in prison without parole for Nicholas Cruz, who pleaded guilty to the 2018 school massacre that killed 17 people in Parkland, Florida.

Victims' families sat in galleries frowning, shaking heads and shaking hands as District Court Judge Elizabeth Scherrer read out recommendations on Thursday.

After seven hours of deliberation over the course of the day, a decision was reached, ending a three-month trial in which the story of the execution of the victims was vividly recounted.

Cruz, then 19 and now 24, was found guilty said on February 14, 2018, of murdering 17 people and injuring 17 others at Douglas High School.

"I'm sick of this jury. I'm sick of this system," said Iran Alhadev, whose daughter Alyssa died in the shooting. "That 17 people have been killed and 17 have been shot and wounded ...

can be forgiven and not given the death penalty. What is the death penalty for?" Judge Scherer will formally sentence him to life in prison on November 1st. Injured students and teachers Cruz,

will be given the opportunity to speak at sentencing hearings. A jury ruled that the weighted evidence was sufficient to justify a possible death penalty for the shooter.