Verizon FiOS Puts Nearly Three Million Subscribers in the Middle

Creator: David Paul Morris | Credit: Bloomberg

Verizon FiOS  was removed from its cable systems and local community programming was provided to nearly three million of its subscribers by 13 local television stations owned by Nexstar Media Inc..

Verizon FiOS is refusing to reach a new distribution agreement allowing the cable company the right to continue airing the highly-rated programming on Nexstar's local stations.

As a result, millions of Americans across the country have lost local news, traffic, weather, sports, and entertainment programming as well as critical,

up-to-date news regarding the mid-term elections and possible hurricanes in the South and on the East Coast, as well as college and NFL football this weekend.

Nexstar has been negotiating tirelessly and in good faith in an attempt to reach a mutually agreeable multi-year contract with Verizon FiOS, offering the same fair market rates it offered to

other large distribution partners with whom it completed successful negotiations in earlier this year. Nexstar routinely reaches amicable retransmission and carriage agreements with its cable,

satellite, and telco partners—in the last three years alone, the company has successfully completed agreements with more than 500 distribution partners.