Nike vs New Balance Running Shoes: Which Should You Buy?

The first thing you'll likely consider when choosing between two brands is which produce the cheaper running shoes. While the price isn't everything, it is useful to know how two comparable sets of trainers stack up against each other.

Nike, for example, includes ZoomX foam for lightweight yet responsive protection, Zoom Air pods for enhanced energy returns, and curved, carbon fibre plates to produce a snappy, 'rocker' sensation with every stride.

It's also worth touching on the fact that this comparison is based on both Nike and New Balance's top running shoes.

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Having said that, whether Nike or New Balance shoes are more comfortable will depend on your own preference and the trainers, so we can't speak for everyone when we say Nike shoes are the more comfortable of the two.

Which Should You Buy?

Choosing which manufacturer is best is difficult as both produce truly excellent running shoes, which is why Nike and New Balance are two of the leading sportswear brands on the market.

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