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These are some of our shining stars that help you choose best shoes from 1000s of variety.

How We Find the Best Product for you?

  1. First we make a list shoes under that specific category, like shoes under price range of 3000.
  2. Then we check multiple websites like amazon, myntra, flipkar & other shopping platforms.
  3. Once that is done we order some shoes from there & check if they are actually good or are they ranking because of fake reviews?
  4. It almost take 10 days to review, we have collaborated with other buyers, who contribute to our website. Which makes us better than anyone else in the market.
  5. Once the review, feedback & everything is done, we make a list of pros, cons, our personal feedback & users feedback.
  6. That’s how we reach to the conclusion if the running shoe or sport shoe is worthy enough to buy.
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Mom & professional reviewer
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Meet Sanjay, an Indian-born shoe enthusiast and writer. With a deep passion for footwear and a keen eye for design, Sanjay has spent years exploring the world of shoes and sharing his insights with readers all over the world.
Our Team


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Meet Rohan, an insightful footwear critic and enthusiast from India. With a keen eye for design and a genuine passion for shoes, Rohan has established himself as a credible voice within the global shoe community. Follow his journey as he shares his in-depth knowledge, honest reviews, and unique perspectives on the ever-evolving world of footwear.