Can Running Shoes Be Used For Training? We Tell You!

Can Running Shoes Be Used For Training? We Tell You!

Most people prefer wearing their running shoes also in the gym for training exercises and different workouts. 

They think running shoes and training shoes are the same just because they look similar. But this is not the right way to train. If you do so, you are prone to lead serious injuries for sure. 

However, they might look similar but both shoes are very different from the core. So, here the actual question comes into the picture, Can running shoes be used for training at the gym?

Running shoes can surely be used for training in the gym but do remember they are not specially designed for high-intensity workouts and lifting heavyweight. By wearing them in the gym can wear out them sooner. So it is advisable to get proper gym shoes to avoid any serious injury and to stay motivated always.

Also, it is your budget, your workout habits, and how often you go to the gym, will better determine whether you should use your running shoes for training or not. 

Training Shoes VS Running Shoes

Can Running Shoes Be Used For Training? I Tell You

As training in the gym and running both are two different activities, same the training shoes and running shoes are different. They are designed differently to fulfill different needs.

So, if you workout for a while, do cardio and leg exercises, and light training, then you can use your everyday running shoes for the gym.

Or, if you’re serious about doing training and workouts in the gym and want to get the most out of it. It is advisable to invest in shoes specifically designed for training and workouts. 

This is how you can not only avoid injuries and protect yourself from being injured but also improve your performance level.

But if you’re more conscious about running and do not often go to the gym for workouts, then you don’t need hundreds of dollars to invest in a separate specific training shoe.

Instead, investing in good quality versatile shoes like ASICS Gel-Ds Trainer 24 and Nike Flex Experience RN 7 can be worth considering. 

So, always make sure about selecting the right pair of shoes with the right fit built for the right activity to do your fitness goals effectively. 

What Are Training Shoes Used For

Training shoe is a kind of versatile shoe that supports a large range of lateral movements. These movements could be training, workouts, jumping, cutting, pushing, lifting weight, and changing directions rapidly.

These movements put lots of pressure on the side of your feet than running on a flat surface. Thus training shoes requires to be made tougher with a low-heel-drop sole and little groove patterns for better ground stability and control. 

Therefore, this construction makes training shoes versatile and efficient for multidirectional activities. And helps to perform training and workouts effortlessly.

What Are Running Shoes Used For

This is obvious that running shoes are designed especially for running on flat surfaces like concrete, asphalt, and off-roads. Thus they are more cushioned, breathable, lightweight, and have thick soles to make forward movement comfortable.

This construction provides cushioning protection against impacts raised from repetitive footstrike to the ground. And helps to make long-distance running easy by minimizing injuries.

Difference Between Running Shoes And Training Shoes

However, running shoes and training/gym shoes look similar from the outside, but there is a significant difference from the core.

The main difference between running shoes and training shoes can be seen in the sole flexibility and heel drop. Running shoes are designed with cushioned soles keeping forward movement in mind. While the training shoes are crafted with a low-heel-drop sole keeping multi-directional movement in mind.

What Happens If You Wear Running Shoes For Training

By wearing the right kind of shoes for the right activity, you get the most out of that activity. Same with the training shoes. But, what will happens if you wear running shoes for training in the gym?

Here are the disadvantages of workouts in running shoes:

  1. Running and training both shoes are designs for two different purposes. Thus pairing the wrong shoe for workout and training can increase the chances of injury.
  2. Doing workouts in running shoes, you might not get as much out of your workout that you could get in training shoes.
  3. Running shoes designed with soft cushioning, thick soles, and flexibility which is not ideal for training and workouts. This nature does not provide optimum support for the feet.
  4. Wearing your running shoes for a workout and training exercise in the gym can wear out your running shoes quickly.
  5. Lifting heavyweight, changing direction quickly, and lateral movements can compress the midsole cushioning. And can make running shoes wear uneven.
  6. Doing workouts in the uneven wearing running shoes may cause discomfort and black performing your fitness goals efficiently.

Can Training Shoes Be Used For Walking

This is yet an important but very confusing question among most people that “Is it a good idea to wear training shoes for walking?”. 

As you may know, training and walking are two different activities. Thus the shoes for walking are also designed very differently.

Walking shoes are designed lightweight, breathable, and flexible to provide the right amount of support and flexibility with better arch and heel support.

Moreover, we would say: Training shoes are not ideally perfect for walking purposes due to the less flexibility and sturdy nature. Walking requires a lightweight flexible shoe with breathability to provide a good amount of flexibility and heel balance to avoid injury.

Best Shoes For Weight Training And Cardio

If you are looking for the best shoes for weight training and cardio exercise, these are some of the good pair of shoes. The shoes are suggested by experts that are specially designed for training exercises.

  1. Nike Flex Control Tr3 Training Shoes
  2. Under Armour UA Tribase Reign Training Shoes
  3. Reebok Multisport Training Shoes
  4. Nike Metcon Training Shoes
  5. Adidas Multisport Training Shoes


Running shoes are extremely lightweight and well-cushioned because they are designed for activities involved in forward-movement, but not the right option for training.

They may look similar, comfortable to wear, and provide some amount of support, still not the right choice for training and workouts.

If you only do light workouts and cardio exercise in the gym, you’re just fine to wear your running shoes. You will no require to have an extra specific training shoe.

But, in order to perform your best and avoid any kind of injury, it is always suggested to pick the right training shoes.

Hope you find your answer in this context. 🙂

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