The best sports shoes for men in India of 2021

The 9 Best Sports Shoes For Men In India Of 2023

No matter what kind of fitness activity you favor, when you have the right gear for it, you give your 100% to perform the best. And its starts with a good pair of sports shoes.

Having the right sports shoes is important not only to boost your performance but also helps you to do the activities with ease and safety.

Hence, you must invest in good quality sports shoes that serve all essential support, comfort, and stability needed to keep your feet well-being and stay motivated to perform more.

But, with the available different types of shoes among different brands, choosing the perfect pair may be a tedious task. 

To make it easier for you, we’re listing down the 9 best sports shoes for men in India that are suitable for different sporting needs and available at a reasonable price to buy online. 

Just go through this article and discover the best sports shoes that are ideal according to your fitness activity.

These Are the 9 Best Sports Shoes for Men in India

The best sports shoes for men in India of 2021

1. Best for Daily Training – Reebok Men’s Revolution TR Training Shoes

Reebok Men’s Revolution TR Training Shoes

If you’re looking for a shoe that is suitable for general training & workouts to the gym and comfy for jogging & running, the Reebok Men’s Revolution Tr is something that you need.

With these Reebok training shoes, you will not only get extremely comfortable running and jogging experience but also stable and supportive workout sessions.

The shoe comes made of a polyester mesh upper which is quite light and breathable. So, the shoe keeps the feet cool while you run or perform activities in warm conditions.

The shoe fits snuggly and perfectly as it comes with a traditional lace-up tying. It also has PU coverage on the toe and heel areas, a padded tongue & heel collar for added support. 

This Reebok training shoe is also integrated with a cushioned footbed and zigzag patterns designed EVA outsole which is lighter and highly responsive for natural foot movement. 

The other benefit of the shoe is the stylish look that makes it perfect to pair with casual outfits on several casual occasions.

All in all, with all these specifications and a cool look, this Reebok trainer is one of the best sports shoes for men under 1500 to buy online in India.

  • Breathable upper & durable sole
  • Super comfy to wear for long hours
  • Offers good support and comfort
  • Versatile for gym activities and jogging
  • Looks stylish with casual outfits
  • Affordable for the price
  • Not ideal for high-intensity training workouts
  • Not recommended for outdoor runs

2. Best for Marathon – Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes

Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 is the one flagship model of running shoes that has gained high popularity among athletes. This is a perfect neutral everyday trainer under 1000 in India.

This running shoe can be considered to be comfortable and supportive for slow-to-moderate paces that make it suitable for long-distance running such as marathons on longer distances from 10K.

What makes these Nike running shoes so special are their technologically advanced materials and cutting-edge design with Zoom midsole cushioning for a smooth responsive ride on every step.

The shoe has a good ability to keep the feet relaxed & cool, reduce the discomfort by offering ample forefoot space, and provide optimum traction with its durable rubber grippy outsole.

As far as the support is concerned, you get the right amount of snug fit with its adjustable lace-up tying and added comfort with its padded high heel collar. 

This ensures that the shoe always remains tight throughout running and avoids the shoe from accidentally slipping off. All in all, this is perfect marathon gear. 

  • Breathable mesh for ventilated underfoot
  • Lightweight and feels very comfy
  • Ideal for cushioned & smooth ride
  • Perfect for marathon running
  • Suitable for wide-footed people
  • The wearer may feel pressure from laces due to thin tongue

3. Best for High-Intensity Training – Nike Men’s Varsity Compete TR 2 Training Shoes

Nike Men’s Varsity Compete TR 2 Training Shoes

If you’re serious about fitness and do lots of high-intensity training & workouts in the gym, then you need a shoe that is stable and supportive to keep you protected from injuries.

The Nike Varsity Compete TR 2 is one such good pair of sports shoes for men under 5000 rupees that brings all essential stability and traction. 

This is one of the best training shoes that is versatile for a variety of gym activities such as weight lifting, agility training, and high-intensity workouts.

The shoe comes designed with mesh upper fabric and has synthetic coverage around the heel and the forefoot to add support to its design. 

It features an EVA midsole cushioning designed with a low-profile platform to stabilize the overall bodyweight equally during weightlifting. While its rubber outsole provides better multi-surface traction. 

The noticeable benefit of the shoe is its 2 midfoot straps integrated with a lace-up closure that gives the right amount of fit. This ensures your feet remain in shape and you perform activities with ease.

  • Breathable upper unit & durable sole
  • Lightweight and comfortable training shoe
  • Ideal for HIIT, weightlifting, treadmill, and other gym activities
  • Design and color is appealing
  • Can be worn on several casual occasions
  • Reasonable for the price
  • The shoe may lack padding due to thin tongue & collar

4. Best for Indoor Court – ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 Indoor Court Shoes

ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 Indoor Court Shoes

The ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 9 is a perfectly designed sports shoe for indoor court sports such as volleyball, tennis, and badminton. 

So, if you’re already into this sport or just getting started your sporting carrier, then this sports shoe is a good option for you to start with. 

The shoe offers a good amount of support during side-by-side movements and provides the needed traction on different court surfaces. So, you can play every indoor game securely.

The upper of the shoe is made of lightweight and breathable mesh fabric and has synthetic overlays all around the shoe. This contruction gives the shoe added support and keeps the feet ventilated.

The shoe comes integrated with an EVA midsole and forefoot GEL cushioning for shock absorption. And has a gum rubber outsole for long-lasting multi-directional grips.

Also, with lace-up fastening, it allows a customizable snug fit that keeps the feet in shape during playing and also avoids the shoe from slipping off. 

All in all, we can say, this is a good branded pair of indoor sports shoes that you can buy for an amazing price of under 5000 rupees in India.

  • Ultra-lightweight and feels very comfy
  • Fits snuggly with a roomy forefoot
  • Durable outsole that grips on the indoor court
  • Thin sole for stable playing sessions
  • Ideal for practices and competition
  • Reasonable price for the features
  • Some users noted poor quality finishing

5. Best for Cricket – Puma Men’s 19 FH Rubber Cricket Shoes

Puma Men’s 19 FH Rubber Cricket Shoes

Boost your cricketing spirit by wearing the Puma 19 Fh Rubber Cricket Shoe that is designed to perfect your performance on the pitch.

This cricket shoe from Puma comes designed with innovative technology and features all essential support, durability, and stability needed to withstand long hours on the cricket field.

The upper of the shoe is made of a soft yet durable synthetic material. This upper unit has breathing pores at the midfoot areas that allow good ventilation to handle warm underfoot conditions. 

The shoe has a lace-up fastening with a padded tongue & heel collar and features a reinforced toe cap. Thus, the shoe allows an adjustable snug fit by offering added heel and toe support.

To keep the feet relaxed and cushioned throughout the course of the match, the shoe integrated with EVA midsole cushioning and soft insole padding. 

And its multi-studded rubber outsole is just designed to provide a solid non-slippery grip on both grass and hard natural surface to play the game with safety.

  • Built quality and material is durable
  • Ventilated upper & rubber outsole
  • Offers good stability and support
  • Provides good multi-surface grips
  • Lightweight and fits securely
  • Visually appealing with colors
  • Value for the features
  • Available in limited foot sizes

6. Best for Football – Adidas Men’s X 19.3 FG Football Shoes

Adidas Men’s X 19.3 FG Football Shoes

If you’re passionate about soccer and want to give an edge to your game then the Adidas X 19.3 FG is the perfect football boot that you need.

This Adidas football boot is made of a flexible mesh upper. Hence, the shoe delivers lightweight comfort by offering natural snug touch to your foot.  

Its center lace-up closure system and distinctive low-cut collar not only allow you an adjustable fit but also keep your foot locked in snuggly throughout the game.

To provide maximum traction and better control across the firm ground, this football boot comes integrated with a multi-studded TPU outsole.

All in all, this football shoe brings a good amount of traction and all essential comfort needed to play the game securely without feeling any stress on the feet.

  • Made of light yet durable materials
  • Fits firmly & feels comfy
  • Offers good grips and support
  • Ideal for firm ground
  • Comes in true sizes
  • Some users found the shoe feels tight from the toe

7. Best for Basketball – Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 Mid Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 Mid Basketball Shoe

The Adidas Hoops 2.0 Mid is just built for those ones who are into sports of basketball. This basketball-inspired shoe is comfy and stable as well as stylish too.

The upper of the shoe is made with leather-like synthetic material and features iconic 3-strips on both sides. This design adds a classy appearance to its looks that is signature of the Adidas.

This basketball shoe comes in all foot sizes and ensures a genuine fit with its full-length lace-up closure. It has a padded high collar and tongue that offers a soft cushioned feel and more ankle support. 

The shoe also features a thick yet flat rubber outsole with minimal zigzag patterns. This outsole design helps to provide optimum grips on both indoor and outdoor court surfaces.

One of the noted features of the shoe is its good-looking design which makes it a perfect companion to pair with any casual outfit. 

  • Built quality and material is good
  • Provide a good amount of cushioning
  • Very comfy to wear for long hours
  • Ideal for basketball sport
  • Looks stylish with casuals
  • The shoe is not easy to put the foot inside

8. Best for Hiking/Trekking – Columbia Men’s Redmond V2 Wp Hiking Shoes

Columbia Men’s Redmond V2 Wp Hiking Shoes

Make your next hiking adventure safer and comfortable with the Columbia Redmond V2 Wp Hiking Shoes. The shoe is light, durable, and stable which lets you walk with ease on the extreme trails.

The shoe comes incorporated with a perfect combination of mesh, leather, and suede upper and has a good breathable, waterproof, and moisture sealing ability.

It features a lightweight midsole compound and soft insole padding for responsive cushioning and a relaxed underfoot feel on every step throughout the adventure.

While its non-marking rubber outsole features industry expert Vibram construction to maximize the surface contact, increase multi-directional grips, and optimum stability on wet surfaces.

All these quality constructions make it one of the best hiking shoes for men under 5000. This shoe is ideal for activities such as trekking, camping, traveling, safari, and casual lifestyle. 

  • Waterproof and highly breathable
  • Built quality and material is very good
  • Offers good stability, support, & traction
  • Available in almost all foot sizes
  • Lightweight and feels comfortable
  • Perfect for adventures & casuals occasions
  • Many users noted the shoe has poor waterproofing

9. Best for Trail Running – New Balance Men’s Nitrel V3 Running Shoes

New Balance Men’s Nitrel V3 Running Shoes

Don’t let stop yourself and go where your run takes you by wearing this New Balance Nitrelv3. This modern retro men’s trail running shoe is here to make your trail experience happier and safer. 

The shoe is made of a mesh upper to provide sufficient airflow into the shoe. The mesh unit is light and flexible as well which promotes natural foot moves.

The upper also features a padded tongue and heel collar with a lace-up fastening. This system helps to give a snug fit and allows all-around cushioned support during running

The shoe comes engineered with REVlite foam midsole compound and EVA insole to provide long-lasting responsive cushioning and relaxed underfoot comfort. 

The shoe also features AT tread rubber outsole with trail and running lugs. This outsole technology not only gives the shoe durability and protects it from trail abrasive elements. 

Also, this outsole provides a good level of traction on various surfaces and prevents the shoe from slipping on wet surfaces. So, you get an efficient ride and stability on every step.

All these qualities make it indeed one of the best trail running shoes for men under 5000 that is suitable for both running and casual occasions. 

  • Built quality & material is very high
  • Lightweight & feel comfy to wear
  • Offers ample support and stability
  • Available in all standard sizes
  • Versatile for casual and running occasions
  • Looks stylish with casual outfits
  • The shoe may feel tight from the toe for wide-footed people

Buyer’s Guide: Things to Know Before You Buy the Best Sports Shoes in India

These are some pointers which if you keep in account then it can help you pick the right pair of sports shoes for your needs.

1. Know Your Need

The very first thing that you should be doing is to know the type of sports shoe according to your sports that you are interested in. 

Since all sporting activities are different from each other, thus they require specifically designed shoes to keep you safe and stay motivated. 

For example: If you are into the world of Cricket sports, then the running shoe specifically designed for cricket would work perfectly for you rather than just typical running shoes.

2. Be Sure about Your Foot Size

Several studies found that wearing a loose or tight shoe may cause many foot-related problems such as blisters, bunions, and pain in the heel, etc. And can lead to serious foot injuries.

Hence, it is important to know your actual foot size and choose any shoe accordingly that fits securely without causing any discomfort. 

This is how you can keep your feet healthy and well-being and can avoid facing such foot problems. Never buy a shoe that is too narrow from the toe or too loose. 

3. Assess the Level of Cushioning

Cushioning is crucial when you perform a variety of movements at different paces. And for running, it becomes more essential to handle the shocks created by ground impacts.

Because well-cushioned shoes not only help you run comfortably but also cushions your feet by absorbing the shocks, reducing discomfort, and providing the needed support.

To ensure the shoe has good cushioning, check the thickness and hardness of the midsole compound and their shock-absorbency mechanism.

4. Make Sure the Shoe is Supportive

Since high-intensity training exercises involve lots of multi-directional movement, thus it is essential to keep your feet healthy and protected in all conditions.

To make sure the shoe is good supportive, pick the right shoe according to your foot type and check the shoe lacing system & cushioning.

These factors are very important during exercising that keep your feet in shape and provide needed stability by reducing discomfort. 

5. Ensure the Shoe Has Good Stability

Stability is also very crucial for those who do weight training or cross-training exercises. Because this training requires a solid base to stabilize your entire bodyweight equally.

So, choose a sports shoe that has a sole with a flat and low heel-drop profile. These types of shoes provide good balance and natural toe movement throughout fitness sessions.

6. Look for the Sole that Grips Well 

For trekking/hiking and trail running, a good grippy sturdy outsole is very important to achieve the goals securely. 

This is because on the rough, terrain, and rocky surfaces, the shoe has to deal with lots of ups & downs. And here wearing flat or non-grippy-soled shoes may lose traction and hurt your feet. 

Hence, make sure the shoe has a sturdy outsole with good treads or traction lugs to provide the optimum grips on the surface.

7. Try them before You Buy

Whenever you buy any sports shoes, it is a good practice to test the comfort and support of the shoe by wearing them and walking for a while around the store.

FAQs: The Best Sports Shoes for Men in India

1. Which sole material is best for sports shoes?

EVA compound has been used in making the midsole and rubber material has been used for making the outsole of the sports shoes for years. 

EVA material has excellent low-density that makes the shoe highly softer, elastic, and cushioned to absorb the shocks and impacts. 

And rubber material has high durability, water-resistance, and sturdy nature which makes them ideal for good surface grips and traction.

2. Is there any difference between running shoes and sports shoes?

Running shoes are designed especially for running needs on surfaces such as concrete roads, asphalt, tracks, and trails. They are lighter and cushioned aim to provide a comfortable ride by absorbing the shocks.

While the sports shoes are designed differently for different physical exercises such as running, training exercises, and everyday casual wear. They can be lighter to heavy in weight and have grippy soles to flat soles for various sporting needs.

3. Can you wash sports shoes in the washing machine?

Only certain types of sports shoes such as running shoes, tennis shoes, and gym shoes can be washed in the washing machines using liquid detergent to remove the stains and odor.

But never put them in the dryer to dry them out, as the heat of the dryer may damage their sole. Also, avoid washing leather or suede-made sports shoes directly in the washing machine.

4. How much does a sports shoe cost?

The average cost of a good quality branded pair of sports shoes may cost from Rs. 2500 or $34 to Rs.10000 or $137 for the men’s segment. 

The Top 10 Best Sports Shoes Brands in India

1. Nike

Nike is leading in the sports world not only for manufacturing high-performance gears but also for its great marketing. 

With a unique slogan, “Just Do It” and an iconic “Swoosh” on their every pair of sports shoes, sneakers, and trainers, this world-class shoe company considered the most reliable brand.

What makes them the best sports brand is their boost technology that is the company’s signature for providing cushioned and lightweight sports shoes.

2. Adidas

Adidas is the second-largest sportswear manufacturer who is popular for providing best-in-class athlete shoes, apparel, and sporting gear around the world. 

The brand has a well-reputation among athletes due to its high-quality materials & manufacturing and innovative technology. 

Also, it is the easy availability in all online & offline stores and a variety of choices at an affordable price range makes this brand truly reliable. 

3. Reebok

Reebok is one of the leading brands that are well-recognized for providing various sports shoes for decades. From everyday casual wear to running needs, indoor sports to extreme outdoor needs, they have all types of sports shoes.

The thing that makes the Adidas shoes worth considering are their top-notch quality, durability, affordability, and easy availability on both online and offline market. 

4. Skechers

Skechers provide sports shoes that are comfortable, lightweight, and fit easily. As stylish as their shoes look, they are equally durable in performance.

Whether you are a fitness freak and like to do gym workouts, or into sports, or an athlete, or just like to do fashion, Skechers has shoes for all these sporting needs.

5. Asics

If you are looking for a shoe brand that delivers high-performance sports shoes with a stylish dose, Asics is a brand that you need. Asics provides highly supportive footwear designed with cutting-edge technology. 

The brand creates athlete shoes by keeping their support, performance, and stability in mind. They used FLYTEFOAM™ a light and stable foam technology and GEL cushioning technology.

Hence, Asics sports shoes and running shoes considered the best when it comes to performance, stability, and support.

6. Under Armour

When it comes to comfortable and light footwear, Under Armour is a go-to brand for its versatile sports shoes and casual sneakers. 

The brand was established with an aim to provide high-performance fitness gear to keep the athletes cool, dry, and motivated throughout sporting sessions.

7. New Balance

New Balance is one of the world’s leading sports shoes and apparel manufacture that is popular for creating technologically advanced supportive footwear and creative sneakers such as the 990 model. 

If you’re just starting your fitness journey or already in the sports world, the New Balance trainers are something that will help boost your performance.

Thanks to its soft midsole cushioning and cutting-edge technology that creates such supreme comfortable trainers that will push you ahead whatever the level of training is.

8. Puma

From everyday casual sneakers to joggers, and gym training shoes to marathon shoes, there is no one who does better than this German brand.

The brand is passionate about creating, developing, and selling sports apparel and footwear for more than 70 years in more than 120 countries. 

So, whether you’re a professional athlete or just a beginner, the brand Puma offers protective shoes that make activities easy and help maximize performance. 

9. Brooks

Brooks is one of the expensive and leading sports shoe brands in the world that develops professional class shoes for a broad range of sports such as gym, skate, basketball, soccer, bowling, etc.

The brand uses the latest technology, adaptive cushioning, and 3D hex lugs to create innovative sports shoes. These shoes provide good grips, optimum arch support, great stability throughout the course of sports sessions. 

The Levitate, Adrenaline, and Ghost are such models of Brooks footwear that are best for offering optimum arch support and responsive cushioning on every step.

10. Saucony

Saucony is also one of the expensive sports shoe brands that have established a good reputation for producing durable and reliable footwear for men and women. 

This American brand creates shoes for a variety of sporting needs such as racing, trail running, and casual wear, and sells on online stores such as Amazon.

The brand is specialized in developing stable, supportive, and comfortable shoes by using their technologically advanced materials and innovative designs.


These were our top 9 recommendations for the best sports shoes for men in India for different types of fitness activities.

We hope you’ve found your ideal sports shoe that fulfills your sporting needs and is under your budget as well.

If you found this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with your loved ones. Or if you’ve any kind of suggestion or query, feel free to share with us in the comments.

We would love to hear from you about your feedback.

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