Best running shoes for men under 10000 in India

Top 10 Best Running Shoes Under 10000 In India Of 2022

Injuries are very common due to running and training in the wrong shoes. Running shoes are designed to eliminate the risk of injuries by providing the right amount of support, stability, and cushioning to every step. 

So, to get the most out from every training session and experience a comfortable ride, every runner should invest in the best quality high-performance running shoes.

Here, In this article, we’ve brought the 10 best running shoes under 10000 from the leading brands in India for your every need. 

So, whether you’re just getting started, or an expert, loves doing workouts, or deserve comfort, this ultimate article covers the best running shoes for men that will help boost your performance.

What to Look for When Buying Running Shoes in India

Best running shoes for men under 10000 in India

Not every single running shoe is perfect for every running condition. As different runners may have different running goals, so choosing running shoes built for the specific need would be the right decision.

And to pick the right running shoes built for specific needs, there are some key parameters which you should be focusing on when you buy any running shoes. These key parameters are:

1. Design 

To pick your right pair of running shoes, identify your running surfaces that you’re planning to run on, and then choose the best-designed running shoes accordingly. 

For instance: If you’re planning to run on the trail, then a running shoe with a sturdy upper unit and highly durable gripped sole would work perfectly. 

And if you are going to run on road/concrete/asphalt surface, then lightweight running shoes with cushioning give you the most out from your activity.  

2. Size & Fit

Make sure the shoe you’re looking for available in your foot size. Also, make sure the shoe fits snuggly on your foot and is not too tight from the heel and toe areas. 

Because wearing a tight shoe may cause many foot-related problems such as they can make your feet unstable, produce blisters, and bone spurs, etc which you may not want to face at all.

3. Comfort

Make sure the shoe is well-cushioned to give your feet a comfortable feel. A shoe with cushioned heel collar, high-quality materials, wide to-box for ample forefoot space is considered best in comfort.

Also, examine the midsole cushioning and heel-drop of that running shoe. Midsole cushioning is responsive to resist the shocks created by repeated foot impact on the surface.

For instance: if you’re planning to run on roads, then the running shoe with a thick and cushioned midsole gives you maximum comfort on every step. 

And, if you’re more focused on doing workouts and gym training, then the shoe with a sturdy and low-heel-drop sole would be the ideal choice for you.

4. Breathability

Breathability is another crucial thing of the shoe that can not be ignored when it comes to keeping your feet secure and safe in all possible situations. To pick the right breathable running shoe, look out for the upper material.

Mesh material considered the best for breathability and lightness nature that constructed in a way that allows a good amount of ventilation to keep the feet cool and dry.

Also, look for the moisture soaking ability of the shoe because this is very essential for sweaty or wet conditions. This ability of the shoe will soak sweat from your feet and avoid bad shoe odor by preventing bacteria development.

These Are the Best Running Shoes Under 10000 in India

1. Brooks Men’s Launch 7 Running Shoe

For runners who won’t let lower their performance, the Brooks Launch 7 is the perfect running gear. This is a comfortable, lightweight, and long-lasting running shoe that is technologically advanced for everyday training sessions. 

What makes this running shoe so special is its worthy specifications. And this is why this running shoe deserves to be #1 on our list under 10000.

Key Specifications

  • Upper

The shoe features a one-piece engineered mesh upper which is so light and breezy. It creates a ventilated environment around the foot by allowing fresh air and keep the feet secured and in-comfort. 

  • Lace-up

With a traditional lace-up fastening, the shoe allows the ease of shoe on-off by preventing accidental shoe slipping-off. 

The shoe also features a padded tongue and heel collar to provide added support and comfort to the upper and heel areas.

  • Midsole

The shoe comes designed with BioMoGo DNA midsole cushioning with an aim to provide maximum support needed to the feet. It also has a soft padded removable footbed placed to deliver extra support to the underfoot.

  • Outsole

The outsole of the shoe is made from a highly durable rubber material. The outsole features traction patterns to provide a good amount of grip even on the wet surface.

The outsole also prevents the midsole from abrasive outer elements and extends the midsole lifespan. 

  • Best for

Moreover, the Brooks Launch 7 is a good entry-level running shoe for men for long-distance road running under 10K and for everyday training activities.

  • Breathable upper for step-in comfort
  • Fairly light daily trainer
  • Well-cushioned & fits snuggly
  • Offer plenty of grips on the wet surface
  • Good for road running
  • Some users noted the size is smaller
  • The heel collar starts wearing off sooner, founded by some users

2. Nike Men’s Odyssey React Running Shoes

Whether you’re just getting started or an expert runner, the Nike Odyssey React is a perfectly designed road running shoe that will help boost your performance at every level of running.

So, if you’re looking for a good pair of running shoes for long-mile runs, this could be your ideal companion. The shoe comes with light built design and well-cushioned to offer a comfortable ride.

Key Specifications

  • Upper

This Nike running shes features a Jacquard mesh upper unit with neoprene sleeve-and-tongue configuration for added comfort. The mesh is quite breathable permits the foot to breathe easily.

  • Lace-up

A traditional lace-up closure comes designed with this shoe for the ease of shoe on-off. You will be able to adjust the tightness easily as per your foot comfort. 

While a padded heel collar and upper unit ensure firm and snug comfort around the feet by avoiding irritation. This comfort makes you run faster at every level.

  • Midsole

The shoe comes fitted with a full-length Nike React cushioning compound as a midsole. This midsole has a great shock absorbency and bouncy nature that helps offer the underfoot soft support.

  • Outsole

The shoe comes attached with a rubber outsole at the rear, forefoot, and foot bending areas. It features zigzag traction patterns to increase grips and help run/walk securely on various surfaces.

  • Best for

Moreover, it is premium designed with advanced Nike technology which makes the shoe long-lasting. So, this is a perfect long-distance road running shoe for every level of runners.

  • Breathable and light upper unit
  • Cushioned midsole with great energy return
  • Efficient in stable ground traction
  • Available in attractive color options
  • Can be paired as a casual shoe
  • Bit narrow toe-box for wide-footed people

3. Adidas Men’s Response Super Running Shoe

Adidas is one of the leading brands that always surprises with its innovative, high-performance, and quality running shoes. The Adidas Response Super is one such flagship model of running shoes that shows what the brand stands for.

Designed with Boost and Response foam underfoot technology, the shoe makes you move with ease and in comfort. Probably this is one of the comfortable shoes for workouts to running goals.

Key Specifications

  • Upper

This Adidas men’s running shoes comes lightly crafted with a mesh upper for a breathable and comfy feel across the top. It features a plastic plate on both sides of the lower heel sides offering added support for the feet.

  • Lace-up

With a classic lace-up fastening, the shoe allows ease of shoe on-off by avoiding accidental slipping-off. While its sleek tongue and padded ankle collar give a light feel from the upper and heel area.

  • Midsole

The shoe comes engineered with a Response Foam midsole and an Adibounce sockliner to offer bouncy underfoot comfort during running sessions. This cushioning ensures protection from the shocks and provides a happier ride.

  • Outsole

It comes attached with a rubber outsole at the needed areas to help increase the surface traction. The outsole material is quite durable and extent the overall midsole durability by protecting it from outside elements.

  • Best for

It is the best-in-class construction with quality material and Adidas technology which makes it versatile for a variety of needs. This running shoe is ideal for road running and several workout activities.

  • Thin mesh upper for ample breathing
  • Comfortable for long runs
  • Well-cushioned for softer underfoot feel
  • Supportive plastic layer around the heel
  • A padded high ankle collar
  • Available in attractive color variants
  • Reasonable for the price
  • Toe-box is a bit tight for wide-footed people

4. Brooks Men’s Ravenna 11 Running Shoe

Brooks has a high reputation all over the world due to delivering the most efficient running shoes for various price tags. And when it comes to shoes for neutral runners and overpronators, they have some of the most comfortable shoes.

The Brooks Ravenna 11 is one such pair of running shoes for men under 10000 that is highly efficient in offering stable performance and a responsive ride. This is why this running shoe deserves to be on the list.

Key Specifications

  • Upper

The upper of the shoe is made from single-layer mesh to provide an ample amount of ventilation and feel snuggly. The available breathing pores in the mesh create a fresh underfoot environment that makes the foot cool and dry even after running for miles.

This construction helps to make the feet healthy by avoiding bad shoe odor. And also helps to maintain the shoe’s natural shape by proper ventilation.

  • Lace-up

With the help of easy-to-tie-untie lace-up fastening, you will be able to customize the tightness of the shoe. Where its padded tongue and ankle collar give added support and make sure the shoe fits snuggly.

  • Midsole

The shoe comes with a BioMoGO DNA midsole to deliver cushioned ride. The midsole also features a Holistic Support System designed to prevent overpronation and maintain the level of comfort during running.

  • Outsole

The outsole unit is made from blown rubber material which is designed to protect the midsole from abrasive elements. The Flex grooves and X-pattern at the midfoot transition zone helps to run securely and balanced.

  • Best for

This Brooks running shoe is perfectly designed for overpronators keeping Arch support, stability, and comfort in mind. The shoe is lighter, cushioned, and well-balanced for daily training and speed runs.  

  • Breathable upper mesh fabric
  • Durable rubber outsole with improved traction
  • Well-cushioned, light, and comfy
  • Very stable, supportive, & responsive
  • Ideal for overpronators
  • No major drawback

5. Asics GT-2000 8 Men’s  Running Shoes

To achieve the running goals with ease and securely, the comfort and stability of the shoe play a vital role. And you can’t compromise with these two things when it comes to gain the right performance.

Here the Asics GT-2000 8 is one of the signature flagship models of running shoes for men under 10000 that you won’t regret after buying. The shoe has been appreciated by a number of runners for the supportive, responsive, and stable ride they offer.

Key Specifications

  • Upper

The shoe comes incorporated with an engineered mesh upper to provide a secure fit and the right amount of ventilation. The breathing pores in the upper allows the foot to let breathe easily while its inner layer creates a snug comfort around the foot.

  • Lace-up

The traditional lace-up closure offers a customization secure fit to the foot while its padded tongue and heel collar deliver added comfort. This fastening ensures that the shoe remains tightly fitted throughout running.

  • Midsole

This Asics road running shoe features a rearfoot gel technology to enhance the shock absorbency of the shoe. While its FtyteFoam midsole technology delivers a lighter and cushioned ride. 

This overall midsole cushioning technology improves the stability and support for the foot and provides exceptional bouncy responsive feedback throughout running sessions.

  • Outsole

The shoe comes with a well-known AHAR rubber outsole which acts as a protecting layer for the midsole. The overall outsole comes designed with traction patterns to increase the ground stability and grip.

Thus each time when you run in this shoe, you get a secure and comfortable ride with better ground stability.

  • Best for

The overall construction of this Asics shoe makes it a great road running gear for all levels of runners. So, if you’re seeking the best stability running shoes, this is just perfect to provide appropriate comfort and protection.

  • Breathable mesh upper for comfort
  • Very light, cushioned, and comfy
  • Fits securely and snuggly
  • Offers supportive, stable, & responsive ride
  • Best stability shoe for road running
  • Some users founded that the shoe is a bit smaller
  • No other major drawback

6. Nike Men’s React Infinity Run Fk Shoes

The Nike React Infinity Run Fk is one of the highly recommended running shoes for everyday training. Designed with improved cushioning, the shoe is efficient to provide an injury-free ride with balanced stability. 

So, if you’re looking for the best long-distance running shoes in India, then this Nike running shoe can be worth considering under the 10000 rupees budget segment. 

Key Specifications

  • Upper

This Nike running shoe features Flyknit Loft upper with seamless construction. This material is more durable and flexible in nature than the mesh material. It crafts a secure fit around the foot by allowing a good amount of ventilation to handle the warm foot environment.

  • Lace-up

Unlike the traditional lace-up fastening, this running shoe features a slip-on fastening via its one-piece stretchy tongue and heel collar. 

This shoe construction not only offers ease of shoe on-off but also provides a hug fit comfort by securing the heel, ankle, and the upper of the foot.

  • Midsole

The shoe comes with a one-piece Nike react midsole cushioning to deliver the light, cushioned, and flexible rides needed. The midsole is very thick yet durable to that ensures long-lasting comfy performance.

The shoe also has a padded sockliner above the midsole to keep the underfoot stay relaxed throughout running and training sessions.

  • Outsole

The base of this Nike running shoe crafted from a durable rubber material. This rubber outsole has a great resistance against abrasive elements of the surface that keep the midsole life-long. 

This outsole also provides the optimum surface traction needed for an efficient and secure running experience on every step.

  • Best for

Moreover, with the above-unmatched specifications, this Nike running shoe is perfectly designed for everyday training, road running, and marathon for 5K to 20K distances at moderate paces. 

  • Knit breathable upper mesh
  • Comfy even running after miles
  • Well-cushioned & lightweight
  • Grips well even on wet roads
  • Highly durable for long mile runs
  • Poor heel lockdown due to a thin collar
  • Not suitable for slimmer feet people

7. New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Beacon Running Shoes

For runners who are seeking a reliable pair of running shoes for long-distance running or marathons, this New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon is the perfect option to go with.

The shoe comes designed with the perfect balance of cushioning, lightweight, and support needed to offer a snappier running experience. This quality makes it one of the best running shoes for marathons under 8000 rupees in India.

Key Specifications

  • Upper

This New Balance running shoe features an engineered knit mesh upper. This mesh is pretty light and flexible to offer natural foot movement by bending properly. 

While the ventilation pores in the mesh allow a good amount of airflow inside the shoe to cool down the warm foot environment throughout running.

  • Lace-up

The shoe comes with a lace-up closure to offer a secure, comfortable, and light grip on the foot. You can easily adjust the lacing to achieve the needed right fit comfort. 

While the shoe also has a padded tongue and ankle collar to offer added cushioning support from the upper and back of the heel areas. This padding is also mean to hold the foot in place by avoiding accidental slipping-off during running. 

  • Midsole

The shoe is designed with FreshFoam midsole cushioning to offer a soft and bouncy feel. This midsole compound is thick and lighter also as compared to the usual midsole. 

So, due to this midsole technology, the shoe offers long-lasting cushioning and less-impact rides throughout the run.

  • Outsole

The shoe features a Blown rubber outsole only at the lateral side of the heel and the medial side of the forefoot areas to protect the midsole to wear out. 

The rest of the outsole is the midsole compound designed with traction patterns to offer a secure and stable ground grip.

  • Best for

Moreover, with all these worthy specifications, the New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon can be considered as a reliable running gear for everyday training to long-distance runs.

  • The knit upper is breathable and flexible
  • Ensures comfortable ride
  • Light, responsive, & firm for speed
  • Ideal for long-distance running
  • Available in 4 color variants
  • Reasonable for the price
  • A bit narrow toe-box for wide-footed people
  • Many users found the shoe size is smaller

8. Skechers Men’s Max Cushioning Premier Running Shoe

Designed with advanced technology and more cushioning, the Skechers Max Cushioning Premier is one of the best road running shoes for men under 8000 rupees in India.

The shoe comes designed in a stylish look which makes it a great pair for casual wear as a sneaker, work, and walking. It has gained hundreds of positive reviews which make it worth investing in. 

Key Specifications

  • Upper

This running shoe features a seamless mesh upper to offer breathable coverage. At the toe and heel section, the shoe also features synthetic overlaying to provide added stability and durability.

  • Lace-up

The shoe has comes with a traditional lace-up closure to offer a secure and snug fit. There are a padded tongue and heel collar present to offer extra support and prevent the shoe from slipping.

  • Midsole

The shoe is designed with an UltraGo midsole technology to provide a responsively and cushioned ride on every step. 

The shoe also has a padded Air Cooled Goga Mat insole to keeps the foot relaxed and cool throughout the runs.

  • Outsole

This running shoe features a parametric web outsole to provide multi-surface traction. The outsole is highly durable to handle the abrasive elements and flexible enough to allow natural movement of the foot.

  • Best for

Moreover, the Skechers Max Cushioning Premier is an ideal running gear that combines the perfect balance of style and comfort. 

So, if you’re looking for well-cushioned lightweight running shoes under 10000, this one could fulfill your needs.

  • Built quality is very high & durable
  • Very comfortable and lightweight
  • Offers responsive cushioning
  • Offers plenty of arch support
  • Stylish design for casual use as a sneaker
  • Some users reported the shoe has a poor bottom

9. Altra Superior 4 Men’s Trail Running Shoe

Make your outdoor trip and trail running experience secure with the Altra Superior 4 Trail running shoe. Probably this is one of the best lightweight trail running shoes for men that offers needed stability & support to make you run faster with ease.

Key Specifications

  • Upper

The shoe comes designed with a wrap-around upper to offer optimum security and support. This material is light and has good breathability to keep the runner’s foot cool and dry throughout the runs. 

The shoe features a FootShape forefoot design that allows ample space for the forefoot by avoiding discomfort created by a narrow toe-box.

  • Lace-up

With a classic lace-up fastening, the shoe ensures a maximum snug fit on the foot. Its padded tongue and heel collar prevent the small rocks and abrasive elements from entering inside the shoe. 

  • Midsole

The shoe has a single-piece Altra Quantic foam midsole compound to provide a responsive ride and underfoot cushioning. Its zero-drop platform ensures a stable and low-impact against extreme outdoor surfaces.

Along with a primary cushioning, it also features a removable StoneGuard layer for relaxed underfoot. This layer protects the foot from being injured from sharp trail debris and rough surfaces.

  • Outsole

The outsole compound is made from MaxTrac rubber material. This highly durable sturdy outsole protects the midsole from abrasive surface elements. 

The outsole has a set of unique “TrailClaw” tread lugs which not only increases surface traction but also provides a good amount of stability and control to make trail run easy and secure. 

  • Best for

The Altra Superior 4 Trail is a specifically designed trail running shoe for men. The shoe comes with all essential abilities needed to offer a safe and enjoyable outdoor ride.

  • Top-notch built quality
  • Stretchy upper unit for relaxed foot
  • Comfy and responsive from the very first day
  • Highly durable outsole with tread grips
  • Zero dop platform for natural foot movement
  • True size, lightweight, and fits securely
  • The shoe is a bit less breathable
  • No other major drawback

10. Adidas Men’s Alphatorsion M Running Shoe

If you’re seeking a pair of running shoes that is versatile for a variety of activities, the Adidas Alphatorsion M is the one that will surely fulfill your expectations. 

Not only for running, due to its eye-catchy design and color combination, this running shoe can also be faired as a casual sneaker, for workouts, cross-training sessions, and walking. 

Key Specifications

  • Upper

This Adidas shoe features reflective upper material with synthetic forefoot and lower-heel sides coverage. This construction gives the shoe more durability. While the upper unit ensures optimal ventilation.

  • Lace-up

The shoe incorporated with a classic lace-up fastening for a snug and right fit. A padded tongue and heel collar also present to offer more support from the upper and heel areas.

  • Midsole

Advanced Bounce cushioning technology is used to craft the midsole compound of this shoe. This cushioning makes it very light and comfy to wear all day long and for long walks. 

  • Outsole

The shoe comes with a rubber outsole designed with small cylindrical lug patterns. These small patterns help to increase the gripping ability against the surfaces and make every step easy. 

  • Best for

Due to the bounce cushioning and Torsion multi-directional support system, the Adidas Alphatorsion M is an ideal gear for activities such as cross-training workouts, long runs, casual wear, and quick speed runs.

  • Comfy to wear all-day
  • Soft and bouncy midsole cushioning
  • Offers enough stability and support
  • Versatile for a varsity of jobs
  • Eye-catchy design and colors
  • Value for the features
  • Some users found the toe-box is smaller for wide-foot
  • No other major drawback

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Some Related FAQs

1. What kind of shoes should I wear for 10k?

10k races are easy to run and most people even beginners in the running field prefer to run them. But if you are planning to run 10k then you should search for some running shoes that can provide your feet all the comfort that they deserve.

2. What do I look for when buying a good pair of running shoes?

You can buy a pair of running shoes only if they have good cushioning, are made up of durable material, and has a fair grip on the surface. It is very important that you know your feet well before buying any pair of shoes because it’s important.

3. What is the best running shoe brand?

It’s quite a broad question and if you are in this field for some time then you must be aware of brands like NIKE, ADIDAS, Puma, etc which are the leading brands in this industry.

4. Is it ok to wear running shoes for walking?

No, nothing wrong with that but you should stay away from wearing running shoes for walking because the sole of the walking shoe is more flexible than the sole of a running shoe which can cause knee injuries.

5. Is it good to wear running shoes for everyday use?

Yes, anything and everything is possible as long as you don’t hurt yourself. However, you should be careful because by wearing any running shoes every day you will be unable to wear your own shoes.

6. What are the most important features that the ideal running shoes must possess?

The most important features that an ideal pair of running shoes must have are- lightweight, fit perfectly, easy to clean, and suitable for all types of surfaces.


These were our top 10 recommendations for the best running shoes under 10000 from the leading brands. We hope you’ve found your ideal running shoes that fulfills your needs.

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