7 Best Adidas Running Shoes In India 2021: Shoes For Every Need

7 Best Adidas Running Shoes In India 2023: Shoes For Every Need

If you’re in search of the best Adidas running shoes in India, then you’ve landed in the right place to find the best one. Here in this article, you’ll discover the 7 best Adidas running shoes available in the market.  

Adidas is one of those leading brands that have a huge reputation for their high-performance athlete shoes in the sports world. 

Not only this, but they have also the most affordable, comfortable, and highly durable running shoes which makes them worth considering.

So, whatever your running need is or whatever the running surface, we’re listing down some of the top performance best Adidas running shoes for men to buy online in India.

Let’s see the list below.

Discover The 7 Best Adidas Running Shoes in India

7 Best Adidas Running Shoes In India 2021: Shoes For Every Need

1. Best for Versatile Running – Adidas RunFalcon Men’s Running Shoes

Adidas RunFalcon Running Shoes

The Adidas RunFalcon is one of the versatile running shoes for men in India that can be used for various running needs.

You can use it for road running, evening-morning jogging, training exercises, and also for casual purposes.

This Adidas shoe has thousands of positive reviews on Amazon India that show its popularity and reliability.

And the best thing is its cost-effective budget which will cost you max around 3500 rupees.

Key Specifications

  • Upper – The running shoe has a light breathable mesh upper with synthetic coverage.
  • Lace-up – The shoe features traditional lace-up fastening with a padded tongue.
  • Midsole – It has an EVA midsole to provide a bouncy running experience while its removal shock liner makes underfoot relaxed.
  • Outsole – The durable rubber outsole deliver traction and better grip on various surfaces.
  • Support – It offers a good amount of comfort and support for the feet.
  • Weight – The running shoe is pretty lightweight at 430 gm.
  • High-quality material used
  • Breathable and supportive
  • Flexible and responsive feedback
  • Very lightweight & comfortable
  • The durable outsole, cushioned midsole
  • Affordable for the price
  • Outdoor running may wear out the upper sooner
  • No other major drawback

2. Best for Trail Running – Adidas Men’s Zan Trail Track and Field Shoe

Adidas Zan Trail Track and Field Shoe

Plan your next outdoor adventure by wearing the Adidas Zan Trail running shoes. This field shoe is cable of dealing with outdoor extreme conditions with its most durable yet comfortable design.

The shoe has all the essential features to make your outdoor trip secure and can help you provide maximum comfort.

The only thing is its sturdy materials which add extra weight to the shoe.

Key Specifications

  • Upper – This trail shoe features a breathable mesh upper with a synthetic overlay for durability.
  • Lace-up – The classic lace-up fastening ensures the maximum snug fitting and makes sure the shoe won’t lose easily.
  • Midsole – It has a thick EVA midsole to prevent impacts against surfaces and makes feet safe.
  • Outsole – It comes attached with a high traction rubber outsole that office optimum grip even on wet surfaces.
  • Support – Due to the cushioned and durable construction, the shoe offers a good amount of support.
  • Weight – The shoe is quite heavy in weight which is around 950gm.
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Padded tongue and ankle collar
  • A good amount of support and comfort
  • Shock absorbency EVA midsole
  • Highly durable rubber outsole
  • The trail shoe is a bit heavy

3. Best for Road Running – Adidas Men’s Ultraboost 20 Running Shoes

Adidas Ultraboost 20 Running Shoes

For long-distance running, you need a high-performance running shoe that takes care of your every need.

The Adidas Ultraboost 20 is one such running shoe for men in India that is designed especially for long-miles.

The shoe is efficient, very comfortable, highly durable, and responsive in nature to help you run faster and longer.

The only thing is its expensive price which will cost you max around 11000 rupees to buy online in India.

Key Specifications

  • Upper – The shoe has a knit mesh upper with reinforced technology and a midfoot cage for added longevity.
  • Lace-up – The shoe features traditional lace-up tying in addition to a slip-on design. You can easily on-off the shoe without lacing them.
  • Midsole – The Ultraboost 20 features a thick boost midsole to cushion the heel and to provide impact-resistance during running.
  • Outsole – The running shoe has a stretch-web continental outsole to provide good traction and durability. 
  • Support – It has a high tongue and high collar to provide more coverage and support for the foot from ankle to toe. 
  • Weight – The Adidas Ultraboost 20 is a bit heavy shoe which is around 760gm in weight.
  • Breathable knit mesh upper
  • Synthetic midfoot cage attached with lacing
  • High-quality material used
  • Boost cushioning midsole
  • High traction rubber outsole
  • The shoe is very expensive
  • The shoe is also pretty heavy

4. Best Everyday Trainer – Adidas Men’s Asweerun Running Shoes

Adidas Asweerun Running Shoes

The Adidas Asweerun is one of the best lightweight running shoes for men which is perfect for everyday training exercises.

The shoe quality design with premium materials gives maximum support and comfort to boost your performance.

This running shoe is very comfortable because of its cushioned design, perfect fit, flexible outsole, and quality.

Plus the shoe is best for its affordable value which will cost you max around 3000 rupees.

Key Specifications

  • Upper – This running shoe has a light breathable knit mesh upper to offer extended ventilation and comfort.
  • Lace-up – The trainer comes with classic lace-up fastening for a snug and easy on-off.
  • Outsole – This trainer has a single-piece thick rubber outsole with traction grips. 
  • Support – Du to the light, cushioned, and quality design, the shoe offers needed support to make running secure.
  • Weight – This training shoe is just 500gm in weight which is pretty light for the gym kind of activities. 
  • High-quality material used
  • Very lightweight and breathable
  • Fits perfectly and is comfortable
  • Ideal for running and walking
  • Affordable for the price
  • Available in various color options
  • Upper may wear out easily

5. Best for Beginner – Adidas Men’s Lite Racer CLN Running Shoes

Adidas Lite Racer CLN Running Shoes

If you are just getting started running and want a shoe that is comfortable and efficient, the Adidas Lite Racer CLN running shoe is just what you deserve.

This lightweight running shoe is just designed for beginner runners keeping comfort, fit, durability, and performance in mind.

Because of its stylish and attractive color look, this running shoe allows pairing it with most casual attire like jeans, tracksuits, chinos, etc. 

The shoe comes featured with high-quality materials which give it durability. While it has a thick midsole that acts as a shock absorber to offer a comfortable running experience.

Also, this Adidas running shoe is available in a variety of color options that you can buy online for under 4000 rupees from Amazon India.

Key Specifications

  • Upper – The running shoe comes with a light breathable mesh upper. This upper allows fresh air inside the shoe to make the foot dry and odor-free.
  • Lace-up – It is the classic lace-up fastening you can gain maximum fit with ease. You can also on-off the shoe without tying the laces.
  • Outsole – This Adidas trainer features a full-length EVA outsole with bouncy and shock absorbency nature.
  • Support – For a beginner, this running shoe is fully comfortable and supportive for its cushioned quality design.
  • Weight – The running shoe is about 540gm in weight which makes it ideal for running and jogging purposes.
  • Very lightweight and breathable and
  • Fits perfectly and comfy to wear
  • Well-cushioned sole and collar
  • Ideal for running & jogging
  • Available in attractive colors
  • Not suitable for training and outdoor running
  • No other major drawback

6. Best for Cushioning –  Adidas Men’s Supernova M Running Shoe

Adidas Men’s Supernova M Running Shoe

What makes a shoe comfortable is the cushioning and perfect fit. And with the same quality, the Adidas Supernova M is one of the best cushioning running shoes for men in India.

So, if you want to experience an efficient and comfortable run, this running is just what you need.

However, the shoe is a bit expensive but has an array of specifications which makes it worth investing in.

Key Specifications

  • Upper – This Adidas shoe features a breathable mesh upper that lets the foot breathe well even in warm summer months.
  • Lace-up – With its lace-up tying, you will able to give your foot maximum snug fit easily.
  • Midsole – The shoe features a boost midsole for bouncy and less-impact footsteps. This midsole makes running easy and reactively faster. 
  • Outsole – It has a durable rubber outsole with traction patterns. Thus the shoe offers well grip and stability to the surface. 
  • Support – With a high collar and tongue, the shoe offers need support and avoids discomfort.
  • Weight – The shoe is pretty heavy which is about 950gm in weight for the men’s version.
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Comfy to wear all day long
  • Ample space for toe
  • Soft & supportive heel collar
  • Sleek and appealing in look
  • The shoe is a bit heavy
  • The shoe is expensive for the price

7. Most Affordable – Adidas Men’s ENERGYFALCON Running Shoes

Adidas ENERGYFALCON Running Shoes

Now you don’t need to compromise with comfort and quality to get a good pair of affordable running shoes. The Adidas EnergyFalcon is the one that caters to all the essential qualities that you can get in an expensive one.

It’s over thousands of positive feedback shows the overall reliability and popularity of this shoe. Also, this running shoe is versatile for a variety of activities.

Whether you are in search of shoes for running, training, or casual use, this running shoe is perfect for all.

Key Specifications

  • Upper – The shoe features a breathable mesh upper and stretchy fabric inside. This material is flexible, ventilated, and durable which keeps feet in place.
  • Lace-up – The lace-up fastening allows you to give your feet maximum snug fit as per your comfort.
  • Midsole – It carries a cushioned Cloudfoam midsole for needed support and comfort throughout running sessions.
  • Outsole – The outsole is made of Adiwear rubber. This sole unit provides optimum grip and ensures steady running movement.
  • Support – Designed full of cushions and quality material, the shoe offers good support and protection from the outside surface conditions.
  • Weight – The Adidas EnergyFalcn running shoe is weight round at 950gm.
  • Build quality is high
  • Well-cushioned and comfortable
  • The fitting is just perfect for all sizes
  • Available in a variety of appealing styles
  • Affordable and value for the price
  • The running shoe is a bit heavy


These were our top 7 recommendations for the best Adidas running shoes for men in India. These were the best-selling different running shoes for your different running needs.

We hope you have found your perfect pair of running shoes that you have been looking for. If so, make sure to share this article with your loved ones.

Or if you have any kind of suggestion or query about this article, do let us know in the comment section.

We would love to hear from you about your feedback.

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