The 9 Amazing Benefits Of Lightweight Running Shoes

The 9 Amazing Benefits Of Lightweight Running Shoes

If you are a runner then I’m sure once in your life this question must have come to your mind – Is there any benefits of lightweight running shoes? Are lighter running shoes better? 

You need to know that not every single lightweight running shoes are perfect for all kinds of running needs. Some lighter shoes work fine while some hurt you.

As we already discussed in our previous article that how running shoe weight matters. Only the right pair of shoes built for specific needs benefits you the most and keeps your feet safe and secure. 

In this article, we’re going to tell you what are the various benefits of lightweight running shoes that you can gain after wearing them. Let’s get started.

Are Lighter Running Shoes Better? 

The 9 Amazing Benefits Of Lightweight Running Shoes

Lighter running shoes are better in many ways. Whether it is performance, speed, comfort, support, style, and safety, lightweight running shoes benefit you more as compare to wearing heavyweight shoes. 

The 9 Major Benefits of Wearing Lightweight Running Shoes

1. Lighter Running Shoes Are Super Breathable 

Most lighter running shoes come incorporated with breathable upper mesh material. The mesh has the ability to pass the cool air inside the shoe to make a fresh environment. 

This ventilation keeps the feet dry and cool and ensures an easy walking experience. It also reduces the bad odor of the shoe and helps in retaining its natural shape.

2. Lighter Running Shoes Are Less Cushioned, Better Responsiveness

Lightweight running shoes work just fine if you do not have specific gym shoes. Because activities like training, weightlifting, and cardio require less cushioned shoes for better responsive feedback from the ground. 

Most lightweight running shoes feature a lower heel-to-toe angle or cushioning mostly at the midfoot zone. This shape of the lighter shoes encourages a natural running gait and increases the ability to perform more.

3. Lighter Running Shoes Give Your Feet the Right Support

When it comes to supporting, lightweight running shoes are good choices. 

The light design, flexible sole, soft cushioning, and breathability of the shoe ensure the right amount of support required for a good running experience.

You can ensure how good supportive the shoe is just by looking at the sole, arch, cushioning, and the material used to build the shoe. The more supportive a shoe is, the better it decreases the pain every time you run.

4. Lighter Running Shoes Gives Your Feet the Maximum Comfort

A good pair of lightweight running shoes can also provide your feet maximum comfort. Comfort is necessary when you run for miles or wear the shoe for hours. 

So, if you wear lighter shoes, you feel like walking/running on a bed. It avoids discomfort and pain which you face by wearing heavy shoes.

5. Lighter Running Shoes Can Make You Faster

It is common that the heavier a shoe is, the more extra weight on your feet and you will need more energy to run. And this can slow you down.

According to this article from “Researchers have found that runners were 1% slower for every 3.5 ounces added to each sneaker. The study shows that people who wear heavy shoes run slower, even if the difference is just a few ounces.

6. Lighter Running Shoes Are Perfect for the Long-distance Running

Lightweight running shoes can be very beneficial for running for long miles. 

For long-distance running, along with cushioning, fast recovery, less impact, soft footsteps, and less fatigue are the major required things for any runner. 

And if you run by wearing shoes, you only get comfort and support. But if you run by wearing lightweight running shoes, you get less fatigue and the ability to boost your performance.

7. Lighter Running Shoes Keeps Your Feet Healthy and Happy

A good quality lightweight running shoe can make your feet healthier and happier. The more quality a shoe has, the more chances it avoids discomfort, blisters, bunions, and other common shoe problems.

8. Lighter Running Shoes Are Comfortable for Walking

Another very important benefit of lighter running shoes is that they can be used for walking or jogging purposes. The light design and cushioning make every footstep comfortable. 

However, running shoes are not perfectly designed for walking, and there is a significant difference between running shoes and walking shoes. But it can surely be used for walking for a while.

9. Lighter Running Shoes Are Comfortable for Casual Use

You don’t need to compromise with styling to get a good pair of running shoes. Many lightweight running shoes come designed in a fashionable look which makes them well pair for casual attire. 

So, whatever the occasion you want to wear on, or whatever your attire is, their sleek stylish look makes sure to complement your every attire perfectly.

What to Look for When Choosing the Right Lightweight Running Shoes

To choose a good pair of running shoes so that you can minimize the chances of getting injured, these are the important things which you can keep in mind.

  1. It is no doubt, for running support is first. So, before you buy the shoe, look for the cushioning, sole, and arch to make sure that the shoe has a good amount of support for the feet. 
  2. It is always a good way to test comfort by wearing them and walking a little before you buy any shoes. This way you can feel the comfort of different shoes and decide which is the right one for your need.
  3. If your previous shoe is causing any kind of problem then before buying the next one, you can take the advice from your nearest local shoe specialist or running specialist to pick the right shoe for your feet.
  4. By knowing your actual foot size and foot type, you can pick the right pair of running shoes built especially for your requirement. 
  5. By knowing the surface type which you are going to run on, you can also select the right pair of shoes. 

The Best Lightweight Running Shoes in India

  1. Nike Men’s Revolution 5 Running Shoes
  2. Reebok Men’s Emergo Runner Lp Running Shoes
  3. ASICS Men Nitrofuze 2 Running Shoes
  4. Skechers Men’s Dynamight Running Shoes
  5. Adidas Men’s Throb M Running Shoes


Now, you may have known what are the various benefits of lightweight running shoes that you can get. And also you have a better understanding that how you can choose the right shoe for your feet.

Now, it’s your turn to tell us whether you found this article helpful or not. If so, make sure to share this article with your loved ones.

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